Ask the Captain: Should plane cockpits have video cameras?

Question: What are your thoughts about cameras in the cockpit? With cameras so prevalent in society, has the time come to place a camera in the cockpit for safety investigations?

– David Fischer, Portland, Oregon

Answer: I have concerns about the ability to keep the videos off of the internet. Airplanes fly between countries with varying laws. In the event of an accident, it would be traumatic for the crew’s families to watch their loved ones die or be seriously injured in an accident. Until this issue is resolved, I would not support video cameras in the flight deck.

Today’s modern airliners record so many parameters that having a video camera is of limited value.

However, I suspect they will be in the flight deck at sometime in the future.

Q: Was there no way to keep the Airbus A380 from being phased out as recently announced?

– No name provided

A: No, the economics of the A380 caused it to have a short service life. Passengers want smaller airplanes going to more destinations instead of large airplanes going to hub cities.

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