Best B&B in the UK explains why you should never trust fancy hotel room pictures – here are the things to look out for

B&BS had a sellout summer last year despite the pandemic, as many families opted for a staycation instead of a trip abroad.

However, with so many to choose from in the UK, ranging from beautiful hotels to more basic options, choosing the best for your money can be tricky.

Andy and Julian Banner-Price, owners of The 25 B&B in Torquay, have won a number of awards over the years, including being the Best B&B in the World according to TripAdvisor for two years running.

Speaking to Sun Online Travel, they explained what guests should look out for when booking a stay.

The best way to find if a B&B isn't worth your time? The guest photos on TripAdvisor.

They explained: "Always look at the photos guests took. B&Bs always use the best angles but the best pictures are from the guests.

"If I see mouldy silicone in the shower in the guest reviews, I move on immediately. Do your research first."

They also explained why even if the hotel has fancy pictures of the room, it is always best to see what they are leaving out.

They continued: "My pet hate is if I don't see any pictures of the hotel room bathroom, it makes me immediately suspicious.

"Even really nice places don't have pictures of them, which you have to question."

With staycation popularity soaring in the UK, due to lockdowns restricting any holidays abroad, they explained how modern B&Bs are nothing like the old, tired hotels many come to expect.

They explained: "One of the things we have is all of the smart room features with voice controlled lights and TVs – you don't even get that in the big chain hotels unless you go £10k a night at The Savoy.

"The sort of service you would spend thousands on, we are trying to give you on a smaller basis."

They also explained that looking closely at pictures can give you a better idea of what kind of attention you will get from staff at the hotel.

One of the most common gripes is plug sockets in rooms being in weird locations – meaning you can't charge your phone near the bed.

They continued: "There is nothing worse than sitting on the floor in front of a mirror to do your hair because of the plug, or plugging a kettle into the floor.

"A lot of places employ expensive designers so it looks amazing, but no one thought of the flow of the room for where you make the tea, to do your hair, etc.

"We've been to some places where the seating area is sideways to the TV so you can't see it, and you have to sit on the bed. It is something to think about."

The more thought that goes into the B&B, the more you can expect to get stellar treatment.

They said: "Some B&B owners can't be bothered to do the extras, which shows.

"I've even been up at 5:30am during the summer season baking cakes ahead of the breakfast times."

"People like to feel valued and special and remembered – that's more important than anything."

We experienced The 25 for ourselves – here is what it is like to stay at the award-winning B&B.

Sadly, you can't stay at a B&B or hotel right now due to the UK lockdown which has forced them all to remain closed.

PC Agency's Paul Charles previously advised that staycations hope to resume by March, however.

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