British Airways apologises after passenger’s ‘unbelievably uncomfortable’ flight where the entertainment screen was broken and the toilet door fell off – The Sun

BRITISH Airways have apologised to a passenger after his seat and entertainment screen broke, along with the loo handle during the flight.

Mark Chalk, who paid £850 for his flight from Mumbai to London, slammed the airline after he was also given a flatbread with his meal which looked like "rats had got to it".

Mark, from Bingley, West Yorkshire, complained on Twitter after being given the meal during the ten hour flight.

The 38-year-old posted to Twitter: "Not a good flight. Broken seat which kept reclining, unbelievably uncomfortable, sub zero temperatures.

"Food that looked like rats had got to it first and even the toilet door fell off mid flight. Oh well, at least I can watch some films for 9.5 hours. Nope."

Another image of his chicken curry shows an object which he says appears to be a herb stalk.

Mark was also unable to use his in flight entertainment as he shows in a video the machine was unable to stay in position.

He also said the toilet door fell off, his seat was broken and it was freezing cold in the cabin during his flight earlier this month.

Speaking today, Mark said: "I was just disappointed with the food. Normally it's fine as I do that same flight a lot. I think it was a herb stalk or something but it was hard and woody."

He was also left stunned by the broken loo, adding: "The toilet door was fully off in my hands. The stewardess said she had never seen it before in her 15 years of service.

"She thinks someone must have been unsure on how to exit and been pushing it to hard. They are just clipped on so can come away with enough force.

Mark said that wasn't the only problem, with a cold cabin and thin seats.

He continued: "The heat was an issue as it was super cold [and] the seat was really uncomfortable.

"Everything the lady behind me put on her tray. I could feel it through the seat.

"The plane seemed very old so maybe that’s the reason."

A spokesman for British Airways said: "We pride ourselves on the quality of service we offer on board, and are investing £6.5 billion for our customers to refresh our aircraft fleet and improve the catering across all cabins.

"We are sorry that our standards fell below our customer's expectation on this occasion."

However, this isn’t the only time people have complained about food on the national airline.

In July, a passenger was horrified to be served food that looked like "dog food" on his £700 flight from Texas to London.

Erik Booher, from Houston shared pictures from the flight of what appears to be chicken and vegetables in a congealed creamy sauce and an unidentifiable dish that looks like it was scooped from a pond.

BA passenger Sandra Arthur complained after being served a "soggy and disgusting" breakfast on a £1,200 flight.

After raising the issue, she was then given a cold croissant instead.

One woman claimed she was left bed-ridden during her holiday after being served mouldy food while travelling business class with the airline.

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