British Airways passenger ‘left bedridden with food poisoning on dream Las Vegas trip after being served MOULDY salad during flight’ – The Sun

A BRITISH Airways passenger was left bedridden due to food poisoning after eating a "mouldy" salad on a flight.

Karen Davies was heading to Las Vegas to celebrate her 40th birthday with her sister when she was served the meal.

She had requested a special meal from British Airways, but it came with a salad that had a mouldy tomato in it.

She told Sun Online Travel: "I ordered a vegan meal on my Club World flight and was served a salad that had mould growing on it.

"I was surprised the cabin crew carried the plate from the kitchen to me without noticing.

"When I called them back, she was apologetic and said the special meals are made 48 hours in advance and left out."

While Karen didn't eat the salad, she did eat the main meal, which didn't appear to have any mould on it.

After arriving at her hotel, she began to feel ill and spent the first day of her holiday vomiting.

She explained: "I called the hotel reception for a doctor after about 30 hours of being sick as I was worried.

"They sent paramedics to the room and wanted to take me to the hospital and they bought in a stretcher.

"The paramedic confirmed it was evident it was food poisoning and [told me] to call them back the next day if I was no better.

"I decided I would wait it out in the room instead of going to hospital."

She added: "I spent three days in bed throwing up.

"In hindsight I wish I’d not eaten the main meal as it had clearly been stored with this [salad] and contaminated.

"We saved for a year for this trip and spent a year planning it –  instead I was in bed and couldn’t even drink the champagne the hotel sent to our room.

"My sister had to walk around and see the sites of Vegas alone in between bringing me water and seeing if I was okay while I laid in bed. It’s very sad and upsetting.

"We have no photos or memories to reminisce on a trip that should have been a trip of a lifetime for us."

Karen also said that despite cabin crew reporting it, she hasn't received anything from the airline.

She said: "Given that it was just a four day trip to celebrate my 40th, I would at least expect the Avios points that we used to book the flight refunded and the taxes back.

"For us, we still have a celebration to do."

A British Airways spokesperson told Sun Online Travel: "We've been in touch with our customer to apologise and are urgently investigating this with our suppliers.

"The welfare of our customers is always our priority, and we adhere to strict guidelines around the preparation, storage and consumption of all food served on board our aircraft. "

It was recently revealed that special meals could be made up to a year in advance before being frozen, according to American Airlines.

Others passengers have shared their worst meals on a flight.

One passenger travelling in first class was shocked to find a live maggot in his meal.

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