How cheap is your all-inclusive really? In some countries opting for the hotel stay is 77 PERCENT pricier than a B&B

The Post Office has found that you could save £1,208 on a week's holiday to Marmaris in Turkey by going for a B&B over an all-inclusive.

Research from the Post Office’s All Inclusive Report shows that Brits holidaying there pay £2,771.55 for a week’s all-inclusive holiday.

However a week at a B&B there with meals on top came to just £1,563,38 – a huge saving.

In Turkey especially you get a lot for your money right now – so it could be a false economy to pick an all-inclusive there when you'd not spend half as much on food there eating out.

The research shows that Brits are spending £400 on top of their package holiday costs on extras like food and drink – meaning a holiday can cost 20 per cent more than intended.

The report looked at the people who go on all inclusive holidays and how much extra they spent out of their resort at bars and restaurants.

It found that four in five families paid £139 for hotel extras on top of their all-inclusive package.

And nine in ten families forked out an extra £292 on food and drink outside of their hotel.

Families also reported that their biggest grievance with all-inclusive hotels was that they got bored of the food on offer there.

In comparison, the research also look at people who stayed at B&Bs on holiday and compared these stays against the cost of an all-inclusive holiday.

It took into account the amount that people staying in B&Bs spent on lunch and dinner on top of their hotel costs.

The research found that it was cheaper in 10 different European resorts to stay at a B&B and then pay for your lunch and dinner outside of the hotel rather than going for the all-inclusive option.

The resorts surveyed were Majorca, Marmaris, Sorrento, Crete, Sunny Beach, Cyprus, Costa del Sol, the Algarve, Malta and Cyprus.

The only place in Europe that was better value to choose an all-inclusive over a B&B was in Majorca.

So it looks like families can actually save hundreds if they choose for a B&B – and they will also have more variety of food when they eat out, too.

Andrew Brown of Post Office Travel Money said: “Even though the majority of holidaymakers choosing all-inclusive packages do so because they can be a great way to control spending on meals and drinks, the truth is that most people spend hundreds of extra pounds once they arrive in their all-inclusive resort.

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He continued: “This year’s report found that the numbers splashing out on extras has risen for the eighth year running and while this may reflect a growing acceptance that all inclusive has its limits, the extra costs continue to catch people out.

“One-in-ten of the holidaymakers we spoke to expressed surprise at the prices they were charged for extras in their all-inclusive hotel.”

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