Checking in… who wants to go where in 2021? Famous types reveal all

Checking in… who wants to go where in 2021? Famous types including Lorraine Kelly, David Gower and Kiki Dee reveal their New Year bucket lists

Television presenter Lorraine Kelly hopes to re-visit Africa

This week a host of famous faces check into our special travel Q&A to talk about where they’re dreaming of travelling to next year. 

Presenter Lorraine Kelly is hoping to re-visit Africa, while singer Kiki Dee would love a long weekend in Paris – and cricket commentator David Gower wants to make it to Australia for the Ashes.

Lorraine Kelly

Television presenter

I want to return to Africa on a camping trip. My husband and I will hire a Jeep, load up provisions, and pop the roof up to sleep on board. The wildlife is incredible and you can sit for hours just watching lions, elephants, leopards and hippos.

Ian Rankin

Crime writer

I’d settle for anywhere warm where I can sit at a seafront bar and sip a cold drink before going for a swim — ideally the port town of Fiscardo on the Greek isle of Kefalonia. In which case, add tzatziki, hummus and flatbreads to go with the beer.

Cricket commentator David Gower wants to make it to Australia for the Ashes

David Gower

Cricket commentator

I’m hoping I’ll be able to go to Australia for the Ashes at the end of year. It’s been so long since I travelled further than the end of the garden, I’m confused as to whether I’m looking forward to a bottle of Henschke shiraz in Delhi and a jalfrezi in Sydney, or the other way round!

Sue Lawley


We’re having a summer holiday on the Atlantic coast of France, which we’d planned to do this year. We’ll spend a couple of weeks cycling to the beach, enjoying oysters and a glass of rosé as the sun goes down. It promises freedom, good air and Gallic bien-etre. Can’t wait.

Miriam Stoppard

Doctor and author

My farmhouse in South-West France, which dates back to the 11th century. I’ve created a garden that gives me great pleasure, and the house is a place of repose and tranquillity, except when my grandchildren visit!

Actor Nigel Planer is dreaming of visiting the Mediterranean – anywhere from Naples to Valencia

Nigel Planer


I’m dreaming of visiting the Mediterranean: anywhere from Naples to Valencia. I’ve missed the light, the buildings, the history, the atmosphere, the food . . . and hearing the languages. My Italian is rather basic, but I enjoy having a go.

Sally Magnusson

Broadcaster and author

I have relatives in Denmark who have a summerhouse by the sea. I’ve twice postponed trips there in 2020, so I would love to make it there next year. I also miss my friends and family in Iceland, so will visit them. Last but not least, I’m aching for the Highlands of Scotland.

Singer Kiki Dee would love a long weekend in Paris

Kiki Dee


I would love a long weekend in Paris to walk the city, see the sights and galleries and look at the beautiful shops. I don’t want to do a long distance flight — but a change of scene would be welcome. I’ve even been studying French in preparation…

Griff Rhys Jones


I’m going to Italy. The best bits are off the beaten track. The food, culture and back alleys are all dependable. I don’t care about the sun or the beach, only fun company and going somewhere worth seeing.

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