The cost of a holiday has risen 20% in a year – but bargains can still be found

Taking the same holiday this year as you did last year will cost you 20 per cent more.

Data from independent financial advisor Nimblefins has shown that if you spent £2,500 on last year’s nine-night break for a family of four, it’ll have risen by £500 and cost you £3,000 this summer.

Travel companies are blaming the price hikes on the “Brexit Effect”.

They say that food, drink, hotel bills and travel costs are now going to cost the average family more, because the value of the pound has dropped steadily since Brexit was announced.

The pound had dropped by 18 per cent against the dollar and 11 per cent against the Euro by March 2017.

There are, however, places where it’s going to be cheaper to holiday than others – as the cost of the pound has actually risen in certain places.

Nimblefins found that the average cost of a holiday per person is £69 per person per day, but if you take a trip to Slovakia, the average cost is just £40.

Meanwhile Turkey costs just £47 per day – good news especially as the pound has risen by 14 per cent there.

Bulgaria costs £49 per day, Malta and Spain cost £62 and France costs £65.

They found that the most expensive countries to visit are Italy, Denmark, Norway and the USA – which are best avoided if you want more bang for your buck.

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