Have you had the 'Disney rash'? Skin irritation affects tourists at theme parks

If you’ve ever had a rash on your leg after visiting Disney – or another theme park – then you’re not alone.

Forbes reports that the itchy rash, above the ankle, is known as “Disney rash” or “Epcot rash” – because so many people report it after a day out at the parks.

The rash is also known as “golfer’s vasculitis” and “hiker’s rash” because it affects people who have been walking outdoors.

It especially seems to happen to people in the heat and it can itch and sting – although it is harmless and will go away on its own.

Doctor Janet Prystowsky told the website: “It’s a red-to-purplish rash that looks like blotches or tiny dots on both lower legs, mostly above the ankle or on top of one’s socks.

“It is frequently associated with travel because sightseeing can entail significant amounts of time walking and standing on your feet.”

To avoid it, it’s recommended that you wear light clothes, stay well hydrated and wear breathable shoes.

You should also elevate your legs when you can.

Sun Online Travel previously revealed that the air conditioning unit in a hotel room can be very dirty – and it could make you ill.

Former hotel manager Chris Johnston revealed to Bustle that the air conditioning unit is one thing you might want to avoid using when you’re staying at a hotel.

He said: "One often overlooked source of… germs is the HVAC unit in the room.

"If hotel staff fail to clean the filters (or at least clean the top visible portion), simply turning on the unit can cause these particles to fill your room and your lungs."

It is widely recommended that hotels change the filter in the air con unit every three months.

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