Easyjet wants duty-free alcohol to be banned on flights after boozed-up passenger causes chaos

After a traveller chugged his own alcohol on board a flight from Bristol to Menorca on Tuesday, it emerged the airline has called for a restriction to be brought in.

An Easyjet spokesperson told BristolLive: "Typically it is the alcohol consumed and/or bought in the airport that is the major causal factor of disruption in the air and so we strongly believe that two simple regulatory changes need to be made.

"First, licensing laws need to be introduced at airports to control the sale of alcohol, bringing airports into line with bars and restaurants on the high, and secondly the consumption of duty free alcohol on-board should be made illegal.

"The vast majority of passengers who consume alcohol in the airport or on board do so responsibly and we believe that these two measures would protect their interests while reducing the number of disruptive incidents and making flying safer and more enjoyable for all."

Drunk passengers have long blighted flights – often being arrested or escorted off the plane at the final destination.

As well as airlines lobbying for new bans on alcohol consumption on planes, last month we reported how boozed-up travellers could face on-the-spot fines.

The new penalties, which would run into several hundred pounds, would be used to cut down on in-flight incidents.

According to The Times, ministers were investigating whether to give police officers stationed at airports the power to hand out instant fines without going through the courts.

They are also considering making it a law that any alcohol bought at airport shops could soon be placed in sealed bags in a crackdown on disruption by drunken passengers.

More than one in six people (18 per cent) who have flown in the past three years have witnessed aggressive or drunken behaviour on board, according to the Civil Aviation Authority.

Last month we reported how drunken passengers on a Ryanair flight were arrested after it touched down in Tenerife after mid-air fracas over a smoking passenger.

And this was the shocking moment a tourist had to be helped to stand after turning up 'so drunk' to Majorca he couldn't use his own two legs.

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