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EXPERTS have revealed how to get through a long haul flight next time you are going on holiday.

Having ten hours ahead of you can be difficult to manage without a plan.

Christopher Paul Jones, who runs a phobia clinic, explained that planning out the whole flight can make it easier to get through the long hours.

He told CNN Traveler: "I create an itinerary so that I spend the flight time being creative and productive.

"Reframe how you see the flight. See it as some uninterrupted you-time, or self care time."

This can mean scheduling in time for the meal service, as well as hours to sleep, read a book or watch a film.

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Or, use the uninterrupted time to do some errands, with some airlines offering inflight WiFi so you can sort your emails or finish your to-do list.

It has also become more common for passengers to wear face masks on planes, so you could also kill time by adding in a self-care routine during the journey.

Travel anaylst Giacomo Piva, added: “Carry and apply moisturizer at regular intervals throughout the flight, especially for your hand [and] you’ll reach your destination with plump skin and less irritation.”

Some frequent travellers suggest skipping the first meal service to prioritise sleep if you are landing late in the new time zone.

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If you are landing in the middle of the day, it is best to sleep – if you are landing late, then it is advised you avoid it, so you can rest at the timezone you are entering.

A health expert recently revealed four ways to sleep better during a flight.

And frequent flyer Phyllis Stolle said she has found that one seat is better than the rest on a long-haul flight.

She told USA Today Travel: "I try to book an aisle seat about five rows from the bathroom.

"That way, you can grab the toilets when they have been empty for a few minutes."

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Instead, get as much shut-eye as possible and then opt for the final meal on the flight – or have your own snacks.

And there are some gadgets that can help you on long-haul flights including a bluetooth device to use your own wireless headphones and a 2-in-1- pillow and blanket.

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