This Is the First Thing Donald Trump Changed in the Oval Office After Obama Moved Out

Donald Trump wasted no time making himself at home in the White House. His opulent taste is on display throughout 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. $3.4 million was spent renovating the White House in August 2017 while Trump was away for 17 days, according to Architectural Digest.

Ahead, see what changes have been made to the White House under Trump’s administration.

Flags in the Oval Office

Trump has put his own touch on the white house. | Alex Wong/Getty Images

One of the major changes to the White House is in the Oval Office. After all, this is where Trump spends most of his time. It’s no surprise changes would be made to the room. One of the most obvious changes to the Oval Office is the number of flags on display. Trump has military flags in a semi-circle around his desk. According the The Atlantic, flags are typically in conference rooms.

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Gold drapes in the Oval Office

President Obama chose red drapes for his own renovation. | Alex Wong/Getty Images

Trump’s predecessor, President Barack Obama, had red drapes in the Oval Office. Trump swapped out Obama’s red drapes for gold drapes. CBS News noted the drapes Trump chose are similar to another President’s choice of curtains. Former President Bill Clinton had gold drapes in the Oval Office too. According to, adding gold drapes to the Oval Office was one of Trump’s first orders of business when he took office.

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More busts

There are busts on most of the flat surfaces of the room. | Alex Wong/Getty Images

When reporters visited the White House after hours, they didn’t see the bust of Martin Luther King Jr. in the Oval Office. Drama ensued, ending with Time publishing a note to readers about the incident.The view of the bust is “obscured by a door and an agent” Time says. The Washington Post says Trump added a Winston Churchill bust to the Oval Office and kept the Martin Luther King Jr. bust.

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The Oval Office got a new rug

The Oval Office as decorated by Trump (L) and Obama (R) shows that a new rug has been placed. | Left: Alex Wong/Getty Images, Right: Brendan Smialowski-Pool/Getty Images

Trump removed the rug Obama had in the Oval Office. The rug Obama had, referred to as, “the quote rug”, by U.S. News and World Report, had famous quotes from notable figures in American history. Now, a rug designed by former First Lady Laura Bush holds its place. The rug features a sunbeam and greenery around the edges, says U.S. News and World Report.

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Portrait of Andrew Jackson

The portrait can be seen hanging behind his head. | SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

From the White House’s own art collection, Trump chose a portrait of Andrew Jackson to hang in the Oval Office. The New York Times says, Jackson “has been invoked by Mr. Trump’s aides as inspiration.” With this in mind, it’s not shocking Trump picked the Jackson portrait to hang honorably in the Oval Office.

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New couches in Oval Office

The brown corduroy was replaced with damask. | Alex Wong/Getty Images

Another change Trump made to the Oval Office was new furniture. Trump removed the brown couches used previously by Obama and replaced them with gold couches. Technically, the couches are upholstered with a gold brocade fabric, according to The updated couches do give the room a fancier feel and evoke feelings of Trump’s New York home.

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Renovated the kitchen in the White House Mess

Everything is getting a spruce up. | MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images

The kitchen in the White House Mess was given an update. The White House Mess, run by the Navy, is a small dining area in the basement of the White House next to the Situation Room. The room seats around 50 people at a time. These renovations along with other more structural changes were part of a 2012 plan, according to Town and Country.

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Updates to the Roosevelt Room

New carpet and gilded eagle statues are new editions. | Alex Wong/Getty Images

Gray and white carpeting now covers the floor in the Roosevelt Room, according to House Beautiful. The same carpet covers the West Wing’s lobby floor. One of the biggest changes to the room is the addition of antiques. According to CBS News, “Two large, gilded eagles — acquired by GSA’s West Wing historian at a Maryland antique shop — now adorn pedestals in the Roosevelt Room.”

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Redecorating the First Family’s home

No cameras are allowed in the private residence, so we’ll just have to take their word for things. | MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images

The First Lady hired interior designer, Tham Kannalikham, to renovate the private residence on the White House’s second floor, according to PopSugar. In a statement provided to Women’s Wear Daily, Kannalikham said, “I am honored by the opportunity to be working with the First Lady to make the White House feel like home.” No details have been released yet about Kannalikham’s plans for the residence.

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Updated a 27 year old HVAC system

It understandably needed an update. | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The HVAC system at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is put to work every day. The HVAC system runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. According to a White House spokesperson, this makes the system 81 years old, says Town and Country magazine. CNN says the updates cost $1.965 million and were approved during the Obama administration.

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Gold walls

From where the 45th President works, eats and sleeps, everything is going just great. Now if only everyone else would see it that way. On May 8, Donald Trump invited three TIME correspondents for a tour of his home and office to discuss his first three months in office. In this photograph, Trump, with Pence, watches a replay of Senate hearings from a private dining room near the Oval Office. Read the exclusive interview on and watch our Instagram Story. Photograph by Benjamin Rasmussen (@benjaminras) for TIME. #trump #whitehouse

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Continuing with Trump’s love of gold, the dining room walls were transformed to gold. “We found gold behind the walls, which I always knew,” Trump told Time. The walls were finished in two days, Trump added. He said, “Remember how hard they worked? They wanted to make me happy.”

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Repaired steps

It had been over 60 years since the stairs were fixed. | BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images

The South portico steps were renovated for the first time since the Eisenhower administration. The stairs were repaired with limestone from Indiana, according to CNN. A White House spokesperson told Town and Country the renovations were “more out of necessity than cosmetic.” According to Town and Country cracked stairs leading to the south lawn hadn’t been repaired in 64 years.

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New wallpaper

He nixed the striped paper. | Alex Wong/Getty Images

Trump handpicked the wallpaper for the Oval Office, according to House Beautiful. He chose a gray damask print. Previously, the room had yellow striped wallpaper. NBC reported the administration spent $5,000 on wallpaper during renovations.

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A tv in the dining room

After Hours with President Trump. Three TIME reporters and editors went behind the scenes at the White House. See the photographs on our Instagram Story and read the exclusive interview on Video by @arpane, photographs by @benjaminras and narration by @zekejmiller. #trump #whitehouse

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Trump starts his day by watching cable news. It’s only fitting he would want a tv in his dining room. Unlike his predecessors, who had small televisions in the dining room, Trump went big. Above the fireplace is a flat screen tv measuring more than 60 inches, according to ABC News. Trump has been photographed sitting at his dining table watching the news.

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Installed a chandelier

President Donald J. Trump presents the Medal of Honor to Specialist Five James C. McCloughan | July 31, 2017

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Trump bought a crystal chandelier with his own money, ABC News says. He joked that the chandelier is his “contribution to the White House,” according to Time. The chandelier hangs above the table in Trump’s private dining room. This is another opulent touch added to the White House.

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