Flight attendant reveals why they hate passengers who order a certain drink – but people are divided | The Sun

A FLIGHT attendant has revealed why they hate it when passengers order a certain kind of drink on a plane.

Passengers who are fans of Diet Coke will be on the bad side of the crew if they try and buy it from the trolley.

Ariel Cisneros, who works as a flight attendant in the US, posted a video on TikTok showing why they hate it.

In the video, which has had more than 340k views, she poured a can of normal Coca-Cola over some ice, and a can of Diet Coke over some ice.

The video shows that Diet Coke's fizz takes much longer to go down than the regular Coca-Cola – meaning it takes way longer to pour the drink.

Captioning the video "this is why flight attendants hate serving Diet Cokes  a plane… it takes too long to pour," some TikTok users were left stunned.

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One person said: "I literally always get Diet, oops."

Another flight attendant even said: "I don’t miss pouring Diet Coke."

However, lots of people had less sympathy and just told crew to give them the can and the cup so they could pour it themselves.

And she isn't the only flight attendant to have said this before.

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A flight attendant who goes by the name of Jet revealed on her blog These Gold Wings that it is one of the customer demands that they dread the most as it takes so long to pour due to its fizzy nature.

Jet said: “As you may know, the aircraft cabin is not pressurised to sea level, but rather to the equivalent of about seven or eight thousand feet.

“This means some passengers might feel a little light headed or that alcohol affects them almost twice as much as it would on the ground.

“It also means soft drinks foam up a lot more when poured out of a can, and the worst culprit for this is Diet Coke – I literally have to sit and wait for the bubbles to fall before I can continue pouring."

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Diet Coke isn't the only drink to avoid on a flight though – according to one cabin crew member it is also wise to swerve the tea and coffee.

And here are five drinks you should never order on a flight.

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