Former flight attendant explains you have more chance of an upgrade if you ask at three places while boarding – The Sun

A FORMER flight attendant has revealed the three places you can ask for an upgrade – and how asking at the beginning could make you more likely to be bumped in the cabin.

Simon Marton, 49, worked as a flight attendant for nearly five years from 2002, flying with airlines such as British Airways.

He also worked as ground crew at Bristol Airport – but admitted he loved being able to upgrade passengers while working in the cabin.

He told Sun Online Travel: "I didn't mind being asked, and would do it if I could every now and then as crew do have the power to upgrade."

Simon continued: "There are three possible points of upgrade – at the checking desk, at the gate, and on board.

"If you wait until the end of check in, you have more chance of being upgraded as things might have changed because airlines are overbooked 10 per cent."

This means that you could end up being upgraded to a seat which a passenger hasn't checked in for.

He also added that by asking, it may flag you on the system to crew further down the chain.

For example, if you ask at check in and they are not able to bump you at that time, they may put a note under your name for crew at the boarding gate or in the cabin to upgrade you then instead.

He added: "You never now what message might be on the system if you ask."

However, Simon also admits that people who are silver or gold tier frequent flyers are more likely to get upgraded to first class.

This does mean you may get a business class upgrade though, if that seat becomes free.

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