Four Seasons reveal ‘hotel in the sky’ private jet experience with in-flight spa treatments and chef-cooked meals

FOR jet setters who want to make every bit of their holiday an experience, Four Seasons has the answer.

The hotel group has revealed what's essentially a hotel in the sky – a private jet where guests can enjoy spa treatments and have chef-cooked meals all while 37,000ft in the air.

The custom-designed Airbus 321 Neo, set to launch in 2021, contains 48 hand-crafted seats.

Each one, decked out with Italian leather, offers 6.5 feet (2m) of "personal space" and is paired with a plush leather ottoman for guests to rest their feet.

They also fold out into fully-flat beds so guests can get some rest while on board.

Outside of the cabin are luxury bathrooms, featuring full length mirrors, leather bench seats and complimentary toiletries.

While the plane will certainly be comfortable, there is also enough entertainment on-board to keep guests busy.

Chefs and wellness experts will be on hand to cook for guests and offer spa services.

But they'll also be offering on board workshops and demonstrations.

Each trip on board will be tailored according to guests' travel itinerary.

The meals served will include local produce from the countries on the route, for example.

The experiences on board will be similarly customised.

A trip from Sydney to Bali might feature customised body spa treatments, while a trip from St Petersburg to Paris will offer a vintage wine tasting along the way.

But the private jet experience will only be available on one of the brand's round the world journeys, which currently start from £114,000 per person.

According to CNN Travel, all journeys include air and ground transportation, excursions, meals and accommodation at Four Season hotels, with some drinks included.

There are also doctors on board, a luggage concierge to carry your bags and travel agents sorting visas and travel documents, making every detail of your journey completely effortless.

While the trips on the new plane are not yet available to book, current excursions on their Boeing 757 are available for next year

Trips include 24 days to Japan, Bali, Rwanda, Marrakesh and Miami, or to Bora Bora, Dubai, Taj Mahal and Prague.

Other luxury ways to travel includes on the biggest private jet in the world, which costs £55m and features a double bed, shower room and wide-screen TV.

For A-list travel, a £15m Embraer Legacy 500 is a favourite of actor Jackie Chan, and it can come with with espresso machines, fridges and microwaves as part of the dining area.

In 2017, the world's first convertible private jet was launched – it has a roof that detaches to offer a glass ceiling with a view.

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