Get a bed in economy class on planes with these travel tips

But there is a way to get a flat bed on a flight – by lying across three empty seats.

Travel expert Gilbert Ott runs God Save the Points and reveals the best way to make sure you’re sat in an empty row – so you can stretch out and drift off.

Choose an empty flight

He says that you’ll need to pick a flight that’s as empty as possible to start with.

When booking your flight, most airlines will let you see which seats are left – and you can quickly gauge if the flight is going to sell out – unless you’re booking months and months in advance, when it will be trickier.

Or you can pay $10 (£7) to use a website called which will show you how many seats are left on planes.

He said:  “If you do, you’ll be able to see exactly how many tickets are still unsold in each cabin for each flight on any given airline each day.”

It’s surely worth a small fee if you can secure yourself three seats to sleep across.

Board the plane late

This may be nerve-wracking for some, especially if you need to use the overhead lockers for your luggage.

But if you’ve checked in your bags – more likely if you’re going long haul, when you will really want that kip – this tip could work for you.

Gilbert said: “There’s also no guarantee here. Some flights are full, while others are far from it.

"Landing that empty row before someone else in a race, so be ready to move swiftly when you hear the ding.

"A flat bed in the sky is so worth it though."

But you’ll be able to see which seats are left over more easily if you get on at the end.

Sun Online Travel previously revealed how likely it is that airlines will introduce bunk beds in economy class – as designs were recently rolled out by Airbus.

You can also make your economy seat more like a first class one with these clever tips.

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