Hotel design flaw prevents frustrated guest from opening the shower door either way

Reddit user 'abushawarab' was staying at a hotel in Saratoga, California when he discovered the odd situation.

He posted the video of his attempt to use the shower on the Reddit forum, titled: "You need to know magic to get in my hotel shower in Saratoga, CA."

In the video, he can be seen pushing the shower door in towards the cubicle, only for it to be prevented from opening after hitting the shower knob that controls it.

He then pulled the door back towards him in an attempt to open it the other way instead.

However, the handle then hit the door knob of another room that led out of the bathroom, preventing it from opening that way either.

The man then let go of the door handle in frustration.

The design meant he would be unable to enter the shower without leaving him exposed to the main room, as well as having to leave it open for the duration of the shower.

Reddit users offered their own suggestions of how to use the shower.

One wrote: "Two step process, open the other door, then the shower door. Use the buddy system, and have them help you in and out. Easy peasy!"

However, many realised the other door would most likely "close automatically," locking him in.

Others realised the risk of being in the room by themselves: "I think the most concerning thing is that once in the shower anyone could trap you in there and the only way to leave would be to shatter a glass door."

The only way it seemed to work, according to Reddit users, was to "shower with the door open," removing any privacy from the bathroom.

User abushawarb replied to one person's suggestion to open the other door first, saying: "Yeah, that’s the workaround.

"It's not an impossible design, but still very much crappy."


Guests have previously shared their own hotel fails when it came to their design.

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One flaw revealed a door which was made to shut two entrances, but could only shut one at a time.

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