How to check your bag at the airport so you don't get charged for overweight luggage

WHEN you fly with a low cost airline, you know they are going to try and squeeze every penny out of you.

Charging for overweight baggage is a common way budget airlines claw some money back.

You don't want to get caught out at the airport for having a bag that is too heavy and being forced to pay through the nose for it.

A frequent flyer has shared a tip for weighing your luggage before you check in, so you can avoid a hefty bill.

Razvan D. Toma has shared his advice on the question and answer site Quora, where he explained how to weigh your bag without forking out to use airport scales.

He said: "When flying low cost airlines you usually have to check your luggage weight carefully as they are going to charge you for the extra kilograms.

"In many airports there are luggage checkers but you have to pay in order to use them.

"However, I noticed that in most airports there is almost always at least one empty counter with the weight checker left on.

"Just look for those where you can see the digital 0.0 turned on. This means you can use them.

"Place your luggage on them and weigh it for free."

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If your luggage is overweight, you can leave some stuff in the car or try and redistribute it among the group you're travelling with.

Or you can do what one woman did and pile on as many clothes as possible to bring the weight of the luggage down.

That way you can avoid paying the fee, which costs £11 per kilo for baggage that weighs more than 20kg on Ryanair flights.

Another frequent flyer has explained why you should always take a picture of your luggage before you fly.

An airport baggage handler recently revealed how your suitcases are really stored on a plane and why it takes so long to get your bag after you land.

A woman has also shared how she always takes an extra bag on flights – and here's a sneaky trick to make sure your luggage arrives first on the airport carousel.

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