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TRAVELLERS have been given essential tips on making sure your suitcase arrives out of the aeroplane first.

Holiday-makers are being advised on how best to scoop their luggage first from airport carousels this summer after landing.

One top suggestion to come first is to be last – that is, to check in any suitcases as late as possible when first setting off.

That should mean your bags, last to be put on to a plane, will be among the first unloaded at journey's end, suggests.

This has been described as "a high-risk strategy", since you could risk missing your flight if leaving check-in too late.

Another suggestion is to "gate-check" your bag – handing it over at check-in to by put in the cargo hold, but which typically see it left beside the access door ready for swift unloading on landing.

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That will likely mean undergoing extra security checks, including a bar on storing liquids – and sometimes carries extra charges, but should mean your bag will be among the first to be freed.

More of a guarantee could come, however, when paying for priority privilege.

Some airlines allow passengers to pay extra to get their luggage delivered first, especially if travelling business class or having signed up to a loyalty scheme.

These bags are tagged to be placed on the carousel first – sometimes even having their own separate collection area at a destination airport.

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Among the firms offering this "grab and go" service are Air New Zealand.

Other advice on offer includes removing old tags from luggage, as well as opting for brightly-coloured suitcases and decorations such as "neon" and "recognisable" ribbons.

The suggestions follow newly-issued advice on how holiday-makers can secure freebies during their trips away.

Travellers have also been told of a "genius" hack to get around liquid rules at airports.

Yet there have been warnings to Brits that they face thousands of pounds in fines for using a popular beach accessory.

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