How your summer holiday will be a throwback to the 1970s after lockdown ends – thanks to new social distancing rules

SUMMER holidays in Britain will be a flashback to the 1970s, thanks to new rules on social distancing as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

That means soggy sandwiches on the beach, long car journeys and a renewed love of the caravan break.

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Russell Imrie, managing director of the Queensferry Hotels chain told The Herald: "For travel in the UK, it is almost as if it is going to go back to
the 1970s, where we are all going to go into our cars as a family, and
we are all going to drive to the seaside, the forests, the coasts and
the country.

“The era of cheap air travel, and international travel, is going to
take so long to come back that we are going to be having breaks that
will look familiar to our parents, and not the generation that is used
to travelling today.”

Acting CEO of Visit Britain Patricia Yates had previously told Sun Online Travel that UK hotels will have to go back to basics when they reopen this summer, in order to abide by social distancing guidelines.

She said: "One of the bigger hotel groups that we have been speaking to think they could open up their budget chain of hotels fairly quickly as their is limited interaction between staff and guests.

"But with their top-end hotels it would be far more difficult as they would have to get rid of shared spaces – so no restaurants and no food and beverage."

Many hotels will be forced to scrap breakfast buffets and mini bars, with some hotels planning to offer picnic lunches to eat in the grounds of the property, in the style of the Famous Five.

Visit Cornwall boss Malcom Bell has also warned that tourists can expect a "different kind of holiday" in the UK once the lockdown is over.

He said that cafes and restaurants may fold if they are unable to open early in the summer.

That would mean far less eating out at restaurants and pubs on holiday as we've become used to, and a lot more packed lunches on the beach.

A surge in popularity of caravan holidays could also be back on the cards for Brits this summer, thanks to them being "naturally social distancing".

Jon Boston, spokesperson for the British Holiday & Home Parks Association (BH&HPA) told Sun Online Travel that holidays could be back on the menu by July if government targets are met, according to the latest advice from Boris Johnson.

He explained: "There is no definite date, but we hope for July.

"We are looking at parks opening in a phased way, so it won't be a free-for-all.

"It is likely that parks will start opening by having back people who own caravans, with a second phase seeing rented caravans and lodges opening, followed by a third phase of touring caravans."

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