I fly thousands of miles a year – I never book return flights on Sundays and here is why you shouldn’t either | The Sun

A FREQUENT traveller has explained why he would never book flights on a Sunday, and why you shouldn't either.

Maxwell Ryan, who runs interior website Apartment Therapy, often flies for his job and has already travelled 52,000 miles this year.

However, he said that he would never choose to fly home on a Sunday, even though it means losing a day of your holiday over the weekend.

He told Bloomberg: "If I go on vacation, I will always try to come back on a Saturday, because I don’t want to land and have to go to work the next day.

"You’re going to be tired."

He said he would own go to the TWA Hotel in New York – a 1960s-style hotel at JFK Airport – for drinks and dinner after his flight, before heading home and having a whole day of rest afterwards.

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Other research has found that flying on a Sunday is the worst day of the week.

The study, conducted by HappyOrNot, analysed more than 4.5 million customer feedback points which are found across airports in 30 countries.

The data found that the worst day of the week was Sunday, as people were the least happy with 81 per cent positive customer feedback, while the happiest was Wednesday with 84.5 per cent.

Your flight is more likely to be cancelled on a Sunday too.

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A study was conducted by the Telegraph on UK flights between May 7 and June 6, using data from FlightRadar4 and OAG.

It found that 256 flights were cancelled on a Sunday – two per cent of flights – compared to just 157 flights on a Saturday – 1.3 per cent.

Aviation expert John Strickland explained that, outside of the peak season, there is "more space capacity" for Saturday flights, "especially for short haul airlines".

He added: “Conversely Sunday is one the busiest days of the week for flights: end of long weekends, longer holidays and getting in position for the working week.”

Nervous traveller? Choose an early flight too.

A later flight means the ground has had more time to heat up, which can cause "bumpier air" and lead to turbulence onboard.

Maxwell also shared some of his other travel tips.

The 59-year-old dad said you should always leave your keys at home when packing for your holiday.

He explained: "The one thing I actually never bring is my key fob with all my keys.

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"I've always had a big keychain. And I have my house keys, my storage key, my gym fob, my work fob; my life is on that thing.

"I’m afraid of losing all of them, and it terrifies me to carry them to another country."

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