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AN EXPERT has revealed what your sunbathing style says about you – people who adopt the ‘chill and refill’ style are deemed to have a more stressful life and use a holiday to relax.

Whereas the ‘space invader’, someone who sets their alarm for 5 am to sneak down to the pool and claim the best loungers with their towel, is the most competitive.

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Body language expert, Judi James, has revealed six character types for holidaymakers, including the 'sleeping beauty' – someone who'll nod off under an umbrella for hours at a time – who will be introverted and on break to get some peace and tranquillity.

And the ‘fidgeter’ – who will try everything on holidays including impulsive activities – is likely to have a chaotic, but lovable personality.

Other types include the ‘workaholic’ who finds it difficult to relax and the ‘sun-worshipping pro’ who sees their holiday as an opportunity to make the best of themselves.

Emma Tagg, the spokesperson for Hotels.com, which commissioned Judi James for her insight, said: "Sunbathing is a great way to switch off from your daily worries and focus on relaxing.

“There are so many different types of sunbather and I’m sure we can all relate to at least one of the personalities.

“After two years of restricted travel, Brits are finally ready to get abroad and lounge around that pool, with searches up 25 per cent for July and August compared to 2021.

“Popular spots such as Spain, USA, France and Italy remain the most searched for this summer. However, we found that Turkey is rocketing in popularity with searches up 260 per cent compared to last year."

The hotel brand also ran a study of 2,000 adults who go abroad – which found that 45 per cent think they look immeasurably better with a tan.

It emerged the average person is spending more than two hours sunbathing a day while they are on holiday.

With 56 per cent considering it important to come back from a trip away with a sun-kissed glow.

And eight in 10 think basking in the sun on holiday or lounging around the pool is a great way to relax and escape reality.

Two-thirds (67 per cent) are the ‘chill and refill’ type, considering it important to have a conveniently placed bar in the hotel, supplying drinks as and when they need them.

Furthermore, six in 10 like falling asleep while sunbathing, matching the ‘sleeping beauty’ type.

While 64 per cent come back from their holiday with a tan without putting much effort in, causing jealousy among the ‘sun-worshipping pro’ types.

The top sunbathing essentials include sun cream and a bottle of cold water. The more seasoned bathers also love to bring a pillow along with them (17 per cent).

Quietness, an epic view and a good amount of shade are included in the list of top sunbathing set-ups.

On the flip side, things that are most annoying to sun worshipers include other people getting drunk and rowdy, loud music and sunbed hoggers.

Although as many as four in 10 admit to being a ‘sunbed space invader’ having reserved a sunbed with their towel before, even though 84 per cent find this annoying.

And seven in 10 polled via OnePoll admit they would like to be paid to lounge around in the sun all day.

Furthermore, 22 per cent say their dream job would be a professional sunbed tester.

Emma Tagg added: “It’s no surprise to see so many people dream of being paid to sunbathe as it will be the most relaxing job."

Hotels.com is opening up a "Sun-lounger” position, where you would be given £15,000 to travel around Europe's hotspots to seek out the best and most unique lounging sets ups.

To find out more about the role, click here – https://uk.hotels.com/lp/b/sunlounger


Loves to lie back with a cocktail in one hand and an airport-bought novel in the other. Indulgent self-treaters, see this as a reward for months of hard work but watch out, they can turn into a party animals at night.


The sunbed hoggers, set their alarms for 5 am to sneak down to the pool and claim the best loungers with their towel. Competitive planners and schemers love to feel superior, even if it does mean annoying other holiday-makers.


They ensure everyone knows they are switched off and solitary rather than open to socialising or flirting by wearing huge shades and a large-brimmed sun hat or a baseball cap with the brim pulled down. Their body language will be partly-closed or barrier and you disturb them at your peril because they’re all about peace.


They have a very short time limit on how long they can stretch out on a sunbed without getting bored or needing to move. Fun and impulsive, their fidgeting means they’re also the ones most likely to tilt the sunbed over backwards while they’re trying to get


The forensic tanner is the one who knows exactly where to position and re-position their sunbed, at what angle and at which time of day to ensure they get the best golden glow. They are meticulous about their sun creams and will sunbathe topless where possible to ensure they get even coverage.


They will pitch their sunshade over their sunbed and sit down to get on with work with barely a glance at the view or the infinity pool. Arriving loaded with laptops, phones and paperwork they’ll sit putting in a full day of work while their family is off having fun.

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