I'm a Disney super-fan and I never pay for these three things at Disney World

A DISNEY super-fan has revealed the perks that she never bothers paying for at the theme parks.

Tiktok user Emily, who uses the handle @thosetravelingears, has shared advice to help visitors avoid wasting cash when they go to Disney World.

The first thing she warned against paying for is a nice view of the theme park at your hotel, because you probably won't spend that much time in your room.

She said: "Things I believe are a waste of money at Disney World. Number one – paying for a view at your hotel.

"Listen I get it, sometimes you really want that theme park view – that's okay. But realise at some hotels like the Riviera, standard rooms have theme park views.

"Also if you're just going to sleep there, I don't know if I'd pay to look at the castle for 12 seconds every night before bed.

"The second, and this one might ruffle some feathers, but I don't believe in buying a park ticket for every single day you're there.

"You walk a lot, like some days we're doing 16 miles in the parks running around.

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"We typically do two days, a rest day, so on and so forth for as long as our trip is.

"Rest days are also a great excuse to get a nicer hotel and a nicer pool and things.

"If you're very go with the flow in the parks and not going to strain yourself, then okay, get that park day for everyday you're there.

"But if you want to pack as much in as you can, I promise you that you may need a break."

The video has been watched more than 13,000 times, and viewers all agree with Emily on the importance of taking rest days.

One person commented: "When I tell people that they will need to plan a rest day while they're there, they laugh at me – but then they get back from their trip I was right."

Another wrote: "I highly recommend the rest days too! Spend time at the pool, go to Disney Springs and sleep in."

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