I'm a flight attendant and here's the dangerous reason you should never change your seat on a plane without telling us

A FLIGHT attendant has warned why you should never change your seat on a plane without telling them – for a rather scary reason.

Serenity Haley, who works for American Airlines, has revealed a number of fun facts about life as a member of the cabin crew.

In one recent video, she told her 10.2k followers why you should never change seats on a plane without telling crew, for a dangerous reason.

She said: "Here's a quick little fun fact about planes and why you shouldn't change your seat without asking a flight attendant.

"Before take off, we always do what's called a weight and balance just to make sure the weight is good on the plane and the balance is okay for take off.

"So when you change your seats, you are actually changing the balance of the plane, so make sure you always ask, just in case."

More than 26k people have watched her video since she posted it.

Lots of people were baffled in the comments, with one person asking: "Wait, you can ask to change seats?"

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Serenity replied: "If there are seats open! but typically not an upgraded seat."

A pilot agreed with Serenity, and revealed a scary moment one of his crew once had after passengers moved before a flight.

Pilot Magnar Nordal explained on a Quora forum: “If the [systems are] set wrong, then the aircraft may crash at take-off.

“Four passengers seated themselves forward from their assigned seats before take-off.

“My first officer was flying, and he experienced problems when he rotated the aircraft: It was very heavy.

“This was a very critical situation, because the runway was very short, and we would not have been able to stop.”

As long as you ask though, you should be okay – there are no rules or laws against swapping seats.

The best place to sit is actually the back of the plane, according to one flight attendant.

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