I'm a flight attendant and here’s why your toilet habits are driving me mad

FLIGHT attendants generally maintain composure when passengers do irritating things onboard.

But one cabin crew worker has revealed the thing that riles her up the most while working.

Sid Hogan shared a video on Tiktok explaining how irritating she finds it when passengers stand up while flight attendants are wheeling the drinks trolley down the aisle.

She said she finds it extra frustrating when they do it while the seatbelt sign is still on.

In the video, she was walking down the aisle pushing the trolley, and said: "Starting service shortly after 10,000 ft while the seatbelt sign is still on."

She then moved the camera to show a passenger standing opposite the trolley, and labelled them: "The guest that gets up to use the lav because he sees us stand up so it must be alright."

She followed that with the caption: "Then hover over you while you're walking backwards in the aisle."

The video has been watched more than 200,000 times, and viewers agreed with how annoying it is when passengers do that.

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One person wrote: "S*** blows my mind every time someone does it. Can you not go before getting on, or incapable of holding it for 20 mins? Sit your a** back down."

Someone else revealed that they are likely to be the passenger that gets in the way.

They wrote: "I'm sorry, this is me, but I just always have to pee. I even go before take off but it ain't enough."

Another person questioned why flight attendants can get up to do the drinks service while the seat belt sign is still on.

They asked: "Serious question, how is it more safe for you guys to be up and about compared to passengers?"

Sid replied: "The seatbelt sign is mostly on to help us with service at the beginning of [a] flight so we don't get disrupted, but anyone can get up."

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