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A TRAVEL expert has revealed which snack should never be brought onboard a flight.

Buying food in the departures lounge at the airport can be a pricey start to any trip, which leaves many holidaymakers bringing snacks from home.

According to Sara Nelson, international president of the Association of Flight Attendants, has revealed what food to avoid on a flight.

In an article on Yahoo! News she encouraged passengers to avoid stinky food on the plane.

She said: "Do not bring on your egg salad or tuna, we’re in an enclosed environment with recirculated air – it's not a good place to be stinking it up."

In the same piece Nelson joked that if a passenger brought something mouth-watering, like chips, onboard that they should bring enough for the entire crew.

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Shanie Peralta, a flight attendant and a member of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA also tuna and egg are the top things to avoid opening when in the plane cabin.

She told New Zealand Herald: "It is a small minority of people who bring food on-board, but you do get offenders who like to bring egg salad or tuna sandwiches."

Shanie also encouraged passengers to leave messy food behind that will leave behind crumbs or bowls of soup that will inevitably spill.

It is also good practice to leave any foods that could give another passenger an allergic reaction such as nuts and shellfish.

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