I'm a travel expert – here's why you should NEVER book a plane seat next to your travelling buddy | The Sun

A TRAVELLING duo shared this genius hack for your next plane ride with a friend.

When jet-setting as a pair, always book a window and aisle seat – leaving the middle seat empty.

This simple trick could leave you with some extra legroom for your journey.

Travelling besties Oskar and Dan took to Instagram to reveal their tactic to their 85,300 followers.

The pair have visited 100 countries together, and have learnt some handy tricks along the way.

They said: "Of course, you want to fly next to your travel companion.


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"But it isn't very comfortable if you also have some stranger sitting next to you for hours."

So what's the solution?

The pair explained: "That's why you should always book yourselves in the window and aisle seats and leave the middle seat empty.

"If your flight isn't full, there's a high chance the seat won't be taken, and you can enjoy the whole row to yourselves!"

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And don't worry, if it doesn't work out, there is a backup plan: "Worst case scenario, some stranger will be happy to give up their middle seat for a window seat or aisle, so you guys can sit together."

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