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A TRAVEL expert has revealed how you can avoid getting caught up in the chaos at airports this summer.

Strikes, staff shortages and increased demand have all played their part in creating dreadful conditions at travel hubs this year.

But there are ways in which you can minimise how much you are affected by the chaos.

Travel blogger Emily Rose has put together a list of tips that could make your summer holiday journeys run smoothly.

1. Fly at least one day early

With flights getting regularly cancelled this summer, allowing for delays and rescheduling means that you have a better chance of going on your trip when you want.

Emily said: "Even if you arrive early, you can relax in your hotel with the peace of mind of knowing you won't miss your trip."

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2. Drive or take a train

If the journey takes seven hours or less by car or train, then it's worth doing, according to Emily.

With the amount of time spent getting to and then waiting in airports adding up, it might not even save that much time going by plane. It could also work out cheaper in the end too.

3. Just travel with carry on luggage

A lot of luggage is getting lost as a result of problems at airports this summer, so it's best to not check things in if you can avoid it.

There are plenty of tips for cutting down the space in your luggage to avoid having to wait for checked-in bags, or risk losing them altogether.

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4. Use Airtags to track luggage

If you do have to check a bag in then an Airtag will help you track its whereabouts so you don't end up losing it.

5. Fly early in the morning

Emily explains that "super early flights are less likely to get cancelled" so it's worth putting up with an early start as it will increase your chances of getting away on schedule.

6. Get travel insurance

With so many different problems facing travellers this summer, it has never been more important to get proper cover.

A decent policy can cover you for cancellations and lost luggage, as well as everything else you need it to.

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Travel chaos could last for months according to experts, particularly problems with baggage.

Airports are even introducing passenger caps to try and reduce the issues they have been experiencing.

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