I'm an etiquette expert – this annoying mistake everyone makes when boarding planes enrages passengers AND cabin crew | The Sun

AN etiquette expert has revealed why you should never stand up near your boarding gate before you're invited to board a plane.

Queueing in a boarding lounge can be a stressful situation, but it can be made worse by people who don't pay attention to whose turn it is get on the aircraft.

Airlines divide the plane up into boarding groups, so that a steady stream of passengers can quickly and easily board, but often keen passengers will just queue without waiting for their turn.

According to Bonnie Tsai, founder of the etiquette consultancy company Beyond Etiquette, this just creates a bigger line and slows the whole process down.

Instead, she calls for patience and says that waiting your turn will make things better for both passengers and airline staff.

She told the Washington Post: “You should steer clear of standing in line at the gate before your boarding group.

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“It may also cause other travellers and the gate agents to become

“Lining up before your boarding group is called won’t get you to your destination any sooner. Be considerate, and you’ll all get where you’re going.”

Bonnie isn't the only person to have offered plane etiquette tips recently.

Earlier this summer, a flight attendant explained who gets to use the armrests in the middle seat on a plane.

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Speaking to Insider, the unnamed cabin crew member said: "If I could give an airline-etiquette PSA, I'd say I wish more passengers knew middle seat armrests are for the middle seat passenger — both of them."

The flight attendant also advised passengers to never do exercise on a plane.

She added: "If you do yoga in the back galley, your butt is in my face."

The last piece of advice the attendant gave was making sure passengers know what is really on the floor in the plane toilet.

She said: "The 'water' on the bathroom floor is pee."

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