Inside Disneyland Paris' Summer of Superheroes – with Iron Man, Black Widow and Thor

But anyone heading to Disneyland Paris this summer for the Marvel Summer Of Superheroes can rest assured that they are getting a better show than either the Florida or California theme parks.

That was the promise of the Disney big cheeses at the launch of the three-month long extravaganza featuring the likes of Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Captain America, Spider Man and more.

Disney and Marvel’s finest creatives have been working for more than a year on the three new attractions; a full-scale theatre battle between the superheroes, a dance-off with members of the public and an outdoor fight between Loki, Spider-Man, black widow And Thor.

All three attractions, which are due to end in September, are based in the Walt Disney Studios Park and take place several times a day.

The jewel in the crown is the Marvel: Super Heroes United live action show at Studio Theater, where Thanos manages to make the Avengers turn against each other using mind control.

Black Widow and Spider-Man – the only superheroes able to avoid Thanos’s power, has to find a way to stop super heroes like Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow, Doctor Strange, Black Panther and Spider-Man fighting against each other.

The show has outstanding fight choreography, special effects, surround screens so guests feel like they are in the action, aerial acrobatics, flying saucers, drones and pyrotechnics.

For instance, when Thor smashes his hammer into the ground, projections make it look like the entire floor cracks and the force rumbles vibrations under the seats of the audience.

The LED screens are so hi-tech that when a giant Thanos appears to taunt the Avengers, I found myself questioning whether it was actually real.

Through the eyes of an adult it was impressive, but for a seven year old seeing all of their favourite heroes in the flesh for the first time, it would be outstanding.

In fact, one little boy in our showing was crying tears of awe.

The only slight difficulty is the constant switch by the actors between French and English – a necessity so both home and foreign audiences could

The second show – Stark Expo Presents: Energy for Tomorrow! is an outdoor attraction at the foot of the Hollywood Tower Hotel.

The scene is set in Tony Stark’s lab, where he is proudly showing off his “arc reactor” until mischievous Loki causes trouble by stealing it.

Black Widow once again has a starring role in the show – with a one-to-one battle with Loki, but a highlight was Spider-Man getting in on the action from the roof of a nearby building.

The final show is the Guardians Of The Galaxy dance-off featuring Star Lord and Gamora, is set to a backing track of hits from the 70’s and 80’s.

The idea for this is great, the Guardians find themselves in trouble and have to call on members of the public to help them out by generating energy through dance.

During the first couple of shows, the stars found it hard to engage with the crowd, but with a bit of tweaking – perhaps bringing any kids in the crowd onto the stage area – this has the potential to be a really fun attraction.

As always with Disney though, what makes the whole Marvel summer even more impressive are the finer details.

Throughout the park, guests can indulge in Marvel themed sweet treats like Spider-Man toffee apples, Captain America chocolate-filled buns and Groot shortbread.

They can also buy stacks of merchandise, ranging from Iron Man mugs and masks to Captain America shields and Marvel-themed Mickey ears.

For those keen to meet their heroes, there is Marvel Eat And Greet meal at the Hotel New York.

There, guests can dine on a three-course buffet to the sounds of a pianist cracking out Disney tunes, and have their photo taken with Thor, Black Widow and Captain America.

Much like in the park, plenty of the food at the buffet is themed, including Avengers-branded shawarmas, multi-coloured build your own burgers, Captain America and Iron Man cake pops and Avengers-branded macarons.

The suits at Marvel say that the Paris shows are the biggest event that they have ever done.

Daniel F Fields, the Executive Creative Director at Walt Disney Imagineering – the team who come up with all of the new concepts for the theme parks worldwide – says this the summer-long extravaganza that ends on September 30 is just a taster too.

He told reporters at the launch this weekend: “This is a limited time event but we are really hoping that the studio park will go on to be the Home of marvel superheroes.”

So don’t worry if you have left it too late to book a tip this summer, because a €2 billion, multi-year expansion for the park will add three new areas to Walt Disney Studios based on Marvel, Frozen and Star Wars.

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