Joanna Gaines' Best Curb Appeal Tips to Make Your Front Porch Pop

Joanna Gaines is the queen of interior design, but she’s pretty handy outdoors, too. If you’ve been looking to up your curb appeal, take a page or two from the Joanna Gaines book of how to make your front porch pop.

1. Flower boxes

Joanna Gaines often uses flower boxes. | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

Gaines is a big fan of sprucing up the front porch by incorporating some flower boxes. Fresh flowers can make any porch come alive, and a cute flower box is the perfect vehicle. Don’t have the space or means to install flower boxes along your porch railings or below the windows? Not a problem, Gaines likes free-standing flower boxes just as much.

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2. Don’t be afraid of contrast

She loves a fresh exterior. | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

In this featured fixer upper, Gaines and company took a home without much curb appeal and gave it a complete update. The outside of the house used to be all one tone, giving it a drab, unwelcoming vibe. Gaines updated the landscaping, gave the home a fresh coat of paint, and added a bit of contrast to completely liven things up.

“We installed new windows and black shutters which help define the house with contrast,” she wrote of the home’s makeover on Instagram.

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3. Every front porch needs a sitting area

Joanna Gaines often adds seating to the front porch. | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

There’s nothing like relaxing on your front porch after a long day with a glass of wine in hand, or admiring your neighborhood with some coffee on the porch in the mornings. Take a tip from Gaines and make a point to designate an area for sitting on your front porch.

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4. Keep the lawn simple

She doesn’t like a busy front yard. | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

You’ll notice in a lot of the fixer uppers Gaines tackles, she doesn’t create very busy front yards — if anything, she simplifies. Sprucing up the porch with fun details is one thing, but a simple, green lawn can do a lot for a home.

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5. Columns and banisters add a touch of class

She makes the details pop. | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

Columns and banisters are a great way to frame your porch. Gaines uses columns and banisters to help front porches look like a finished product. Additionally, “a rich, rustic wood banister elevates the entire porch while newly constructed columns lend an elegance and prominence to the porch that was missing before,” says PopSugar.

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6. Update your brick by painting it

She often likes a bright color palette. | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

One of the first things the Gaines team does when updating an old brick home is usually painting it (typically to white). It gives the home an updated, clean look and the clients are never disappointed. This home in particular looks so good with an updated white brick and exposed natural wood accents.

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7. Rocking chairs

They’re popular for a reason. | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

Rocking chairs may seem like a front porch cliché, but they’re popular for good reason. There’s something very therapeutic about rocking on your front porch, taking in the neighborhood you live in, and relaxing on a piece of property you own. Plus, if Joanna Gaines has rocking chairs on her front porch, it can’t be a bad move.

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