‘Journey from hell’: 200 British Airways passengers endure 3-day transit nightmare

Two hundred British Airways passengers have zero vacation zen left after being stranded in Orlando and then New York City for nearly three days while trying to return home to London’s Gatwick Airport.

According to passengers’ complaints on social media, their troubles began Thursday when mechanical issues forced their flight out of Orlando to be canceled. The passengers were all booked in hotels near the airport.

On Saturday, they finally got underway, only to be diverted to New York’s JFK due to a mechanical issue, the airline confirmed to USA TODAY in a statement.

Passengers complained they were once again stranded – and this time, there were virtually no hotel rooms because they had the misfortune to be there during the New York City Marathon.

Worse yet, passengers stated on Twitter that airline staffers were nowhere to be found to render assistance. The customers took to social media to complain of being left to sleep on tile floors in the terminal. 

“Imagine having a little daughter spending their birthday in a terminal, sat on a rock hard floor and not knowing when they’re going to eat, sleep or have a safe place to stay,” passenger @caseywilson98 tweeted. “Put yourself in the footsteps of that family and think about what you are doing.”

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