The Luxurious Ways Former Presidents Travel When Air Force One Is No Longer Theirs

One of the biggest parts associated with being president of the United States is Air Force One. The plane is at the president’s disposal, ready to use at a moment’s notice. Essentially, the plane is a flying White House. But once a president’s tenure in the White House is over, travel becomes different. See how presidents travel one they’re no longer presidents, ahead.

Taxpayers pay for travel

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Travel costs for former presidents and two of their staff members are paid for by taxpayers because of the Former President’s Act of 1958, according to the National Archives. But there are two stipulations. First, there’s a cap on travel costs. Second, travel costs don’t include vacations.

Hint: Presidents trade one private plane for another.

Private jets

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Some former presidents continue the life of luxury after Air Force One is no longer at their disposal. A number of former presidents continue to fly privately after they’re out of the Oval Office. Learn which former presidents fly privately, next.

Hint: Certain political families fly privately.

These former presidents fly privately

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A number of former presidents have the resources — e.g. the cash — to afford a private jet. The Bush family is known to fly privately as well as the Clintons and Obamas. In 2013, smoke in the cockpit of George W. Bush’s plane caused an emergency landing, according to the Daily Mail.

Hint: Some presidents borrow transportation.

Borrow a plane

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Not every former president has a private jet at their disposal. But former presidents do have connections to those who own private jets. While the Obama family flies privately, they also borrow private jets. The family is known to borrow Richard Branson’s plane on occasion, according to The Points Guy.

Hint: One former president is known to fly commercial.

Fly commercial

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As noted earlier, presidents get money toward travel expenses. But business travel is only covered up to a certain amount and no leisure travel is included. The most affordable option is to fly commercial. During a flight from Atlanta to Washington, D.C., former president Jimmy Carter shakes hands with every person on his flight, according to NBC.

Hint: Donald Trump hates Air Force One.

Donald Trump doesn’t like Air Force One

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There’s a chance Donald Trump will be happy to get back to traveling on his own private jet instead of Air Force One. Air Force One is a “a step down … in every way,” compared to his plane, according to Bloomberg Businessweek.

Hint: Former presidents don’t travel lightly.

They have drivers

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Aside from traveling by plane, former presidents have car services — or at least a driver — to shuttle them to and from events. A vehicle requires enough space for staff members and security. Think of this as a mini presidential motorcade causing much less bumper-to-bumper traffic.

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