Man flies first class from Hong Kong to New York for just £50 – saving £13,000

Ramy Wahby filmed the extravagant journey as he travelled on Cathay Pacific Airlines from Hong Kong International to John F. Kennedy Airport last October.

He used 70,000 air miles he had racked up, as well as an additional £56 in order to fund the 8,000-mile trip – saving £13,000.

Not missing out on a single perk, Ramy also managed to enjoy First Class perks before even setting foot on the plane.

He was served caviar and champagne for dinner in his own private cabana in the airport – an experience that included a rain shower bath tub and complimentary foot rub.

The cabana even had views of the runway and stationary planes.

Starting the trip off with a free night's stay at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, in Hong Kong, Ramy notes left his six-months-pregnant wife at home for the trip.

He said: "Flying first class with Cathay Pacific Airlines was my favourite experience – from the multiple different lounges to the amount of private space you're provided with, I was blown away.

“The service on board was great – the flight attendants really go above and beyond to make your flight as comfortable and as pleasant as possible.

“Plus, my seat on board was as comfortable as my bed at home.”

The 32-year-old got to the airport seven hours before his flight so he could enjoy all of first class amenities.

These included eating two meals prior to take off, followed by a further three-course meal on board.

Ramy now runs an online blog, encouraging others to expand their knowledge and understanding on accruing air miles by applying for credit cards.

It was this method that he used to acquire the air miles necessary for his Hong Kong to New York flight.

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