How much beer does £4 get you around the world?

At the end of 2017 the average pint of bitter rose above £3 for the first time in history, while lager is now £3.58 or more.

It’s usual to pay more than £4 for a pint in the pub , but is this the case around the world? Absolutely not.

For those of us who enjoy a tipple on our travels, it’s good to know how much you’re likely to spend – especially in an unfamiliar place. looked at the world’s most popular city destinations (and their all-important pint prices), to produce a handy guide. Read on to discover how much beer £4 will get you around the world.

How much is a pint around the world?

Now that you’ve quenched your thirst for knowledge, it’s time to look at which cities rank best and worst when it comes to buying a beverage.

If you're thinking about where to book a holiday – and are a beer lover – then these prices are well worth taking into consideration.

Dubai has the priciest pints at £9, while winning city Prague has pints for just £1.17 each.

Other cheap pints include Istanbul at £2.52 per pint, and Krakow at £1.79 a pint.

How much you'll pay around the world for a pint

  • Dubai, UAE £9
  • Oslo, Norway £7.00
  • Hong Kong £6
  • Singapore £5.94
  • New York, USA £5.32
  • Paris, France £5.32
  • London, UK £5.19
  • Stockholm, Sweden £5.14
  • Dublin, Ireland £5.05
  • Shanghai, China £4.88
  • Copenhagen, Denmark £4.81
  • Los Angeles, USA £4.58
  • Rome, Italy £4.50
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands £4.29
  • Barcelona, Spain £4.18
  • Toronto, Canada £4.10
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia £3.81
  • Tokyo, Japan £3.53
  • Vienna, Austria £3.31
  • Seoul, South Korea £3.28
  • Mumbai, India £2.98
  • Berlin, Germany £2.72
  • Istanbul, Turkey £2.52
  • Bangkok, Thailand £2.44
  • Rio De Janeiro £2.21
  • Krakow, Poland £1.79
  • Taipei, Taiwan £1.77
  • Johannesburg, South Africa £1.63
  • Prague, Czech Republic £1.17

Beer prices were sourced from Expatistan and are accurate as of April 2018.

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