Mum says easyJet told her to BEG passengers to swap seats so she can sit with toddler

Julia White, from London, claims the budget airline told her to plead with other passengers to swap seats when she boarded the plane, so that she could get a seat next to her two year old.

Julia had checked into her flight a week early, but by that time there were no two seats next to each other available – even though she was willing to pay for the seat allocation.

She tweeted: "Hi easyJet – checked in a week early for our flight but there are no seats left together and I'm travelling with a 2 year old.

"Shouldn't your automatic allocation as a default place a child ticket with an adult? Please confirm we can swap on arrival at the check-in."

She added: "We thought we could do it on [check-in] and logged in a week early especially to pay the extra for the seats but found no options so feel a little stuck. Three seats all separate which obviously doesn’t work for a 2 year old."

After privately speaking to an easyJet customer service representative, Julia claimed that she was told that she should have requested and paid for neighbouring seats when booking, or check in 30 days before the flight.

Allocated seating on a flight costs anywhere between 99p and £4.99 per seat.
She said that she was also told that she would have to beg other passengers to swap with her once on the plane.

She tweeted: "EasyJet tell us we have to beg and plead for passengers to move but no guarantees Ethan won't be sitting on his own on our flight to Portugal.

"There is something fundamentally wrong here. A child ticket needs to be as a default next to an adult ticket."

EasyJet allows passengers to check in up to 30 days before a flight and they advise families with young children to do so as early as possible.

A spokesperson for the airline told Sun Online Travel: "easyJet advises all passengers flying with young children to check in as early as possible to ensure they can be seated together.

"Our algorithm is designed to seats families and groups together and does so more than 99 per cent of the time.

“On the rare occasion that there are not enough seats together to seat families next to each other, the crew will ask passengers to move to accommodate children sitting with their parent or guardian.

“easyJet has contacted Ms White to try and seat her child with her ahead of the flight.”

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