Mum splits opinion after asking if she should take her sick child on holiday abroad | The Sun

A MUM has divided opinion by asking whether or not she should take her sick child away on holiday.

The parent revealed that she was due to fly away today (Thursday) but that her four year old son had recently started feeling unwell.

Among the boy's symptoms were a fever and discomfort when swallowing.

The mum wrote: "I'm meant to be flying for a five-day holiday on Thursday but my four-year-old is now running a fever of 38.7.

"He is cranky because of the temp and is complaining that swallowing hurts.

"What do people usually do, still travel and hope it passes or cancel?

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"We were meant to be staying with friends and visiting other people.

"Cant believe he is sick just as we are meant to be going away."

The majority of people who responded said that they thought it was a bad idea to take a sick child on holiday, although others disagreed.

Among those who said the mum should stay home, were those arguing that it was irresponsible, as well as being no fun for her son to travel while unwell.

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One said: "Honestly no. Having had kids come down with both covid and chicken pox while we’ve been on holiday, it’s miserable for them, stressful for you and a nightmare if it gets serious."

Another argued that the child would be better off resting on the sofa rather than travelling on a plane, writing: "You don’t know what’s causing it and it could worsen on the flight.

"You could even end up with a medical situation abroad. Just don’t do it. Bed or duvet days on the couch is what he needs till he’s much better."

However, some said that the woman should just go anyway, with one saying: "You will get 100 people saying they would cancel but if all that is wrong us that he is a bit warm and cranky, I would go. Give him some Calpol and plenty to drink."

Another agreed and also suggested using medicine to make it easier for the child.

They said: "My son woke up hot (no idea of actual temp as we were in an airport hotel) the morning we were flying to the U.K. from Australia.

"Dosed him up with Nurofen and we were on our way.No way were we risking a holiday and he felt fine in himself.Kept dosing him on the flight and he was fine, it went off."

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