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A PASSENGER has divided opinion after they refused to close a window blind after being asked by a woman onboard the flight.

The passenger said they always books a window seat as they like looking out of it.

However, on one flight, one woman sat in the aisle seat asked them to close it – to which they refused.

They wrote on Reddit: "As soon as I get to my seat and politely tell her that I’m sitting here and signalling her to get up so I can sit down she’s already sighing, not sure why.

"Not even 10 minutes into the flight I’m resting my head on the table you pull down from the seat.

"Headphones in listening to music, with my face towards the window enjoying the sun on my face. Mind you this is a 7am flight and we are on the side where the sun rises."

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They said she then tapped them on the shoulder to ask them to shut it, to which they explained why they wouldn't, only for her to let out an "exaggerated sigh".

They asked if they were in the wrong, adding: "I paid an extra $30 or whatever it was so I feel as if I should be able to do whatever I want with the window shade."

Some people were on their side – "If she wanted to control the window shade she should have booked that seat."

Someone else agreed: "It was only a two hour flight, and she can wear an eye mask thing if it bothers her so much. I love looking out the window!"

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Others didn't agree and were on the woman's side.

One person said: "I was on a flight where someone’s window shined directly into my eyes and I had to wear sunglasses the whole flight and I secretly hoped a house would fall on the person who was keeping it open.

"So you probably ruined someone else’s flight besides the person next to you."

Another person wrote: "This is public transit not your private plane, there are certain common curtesy expectations."

A pilot has revealed why the window shade needs to be up during take-off and landing.

He wrote: "The purpose is to allow your eyes to adjust to the outdoor light levels so that if there is an emergency and you have to rapidly evacuate you won't be blinded by the sudden burst of light.

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"This also why they turn the lights off when landing at night – so that your eyes will be adjusted to the dark in case you have to evacuate."

Last year, A TikTok video caught two passengers fighting over the plane window blind during a flight – with many blaming the woman for being petty.

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