The pics that prove airports really can send you round the bend – from carpet-matching socks to insane queues

So there are often some very surreal sights to be seen, especially when you add in bored staff wanting to have a laugh.

We've rounded up the funniest airport photos we can find where strange behaviour is getting the best of people, like a sleeping dad who is getting covered in jewelled stickers by his two daughters to a man who found out his socks perfectly match the jazzy airport carpet.

Then there's an old lady standing on the centre of a travelator who doesn't seem to realise she can walk on it – and is holding up quite the confused queue behind her.

We've also found a stag dressed up as a woman trying to check in using a novelty oversized boarding pass – although there's no word on if he actually made it to his do.

There are also photos of some of the very strange things that people have been putting into the hold on flights – including a frozen chicken, boxes of eggs and a very large twig.

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