Ryanair passengers set to face even more travel chaos as the airline’s UK and Irish pilots both confirm strike – and Spain may follow suit – The Sun

RYANAIR'S pilots in Ireland have now confirmed a strike – just days after the airline's UK pilots confirmed a walk out.

But there may be further travel woes for the Irish carrier's passengers as its Spanish pilots could also be planning industrial action.

Ryanair's directly employed pilots in Ireland voted overwhelmingly in favour of industrial action on Friday, unless the airline agrees to union pay proposals by Monday, the Forsa/IALPA trade union said.

Members of the union staged a series of one-day strikes a year ago before Ryanair settled their concerns on transfers and promotions, but Forsa said the airline has stalled on talks since the union submitted its pay demands in late March.

Forsa said that industrial action was backed by 94 per cent of the 180 directly employed pilots eligible to vote and the union will write to management early next week to outline its plans if the pay demands are not met.

The union is required to give at least one week's notice ahead of any strike.

The news comes just after the airline's UK pilots confirmed a strike for August and September.

Strikes will be held from 00.01am on August 22 until 11.59pm on August 23 and from 00.01am on September 2 until 11.59pm on September 4.

The Irish carrier's passengers have slammed the airline for leaving them in the dark as they don't know whether their flights will be going ahead yet.

Some travellers who were travelling for their wedding or birthday fear their big day could be ruined by the walkout.

Twitter user Stefanie Mccabe tweeted: "Why why why would @Ryanair decide to strike , especially on day fly out to a wedding."

Mark Anderson Willis also wrote: "@Ryanair do you think you could not be such utter C£@?s an strike over the exact time we have 70 people coming to a Wedding in France.

"Wedding planning and dealing with a bridezilla can be tricky at the best of times, so it would be lovely if you could suggest what we all do now?"

Amber Rose said: "When will you advise which flights are affected by the strike action? @Ryanair @BALPApilots.

"My best friend is flying home from Australia to get married in Malaga – all guests including bride & groom (!!!) are flying out on 2nd and 3rd September. "

Other Ryanair passengers shared their concerns.

Tara Ryan asked: "@Ryanair please tell me my brother and his family can fly home for my birthday from Stansted to shannon on the 22nd of August ?"

Gareth Carter tweeted: "@Ryanair Pilots are you kidding me. A strike on the day I take my 5 kids to Spain on their first flight ever! Not cool."

Another user added: "please don't let pilots strike over the summer holidays, we have never been on holiday overseas as a family and are taking our 5 year old twins and 3 year old to France on the 23rd August, you cannot let this happen.

"You are victimising families with children.

"@BALPApilots please don't strike on 23st August, our first holiday in 6 years will be ruined, we are flying that day.

"Our 3 young children have never been abroad. We also work relentlessly all year long. Think of the innocent public please. @Ryanair you can't let this happen."

Ryanair passengers could also be disrupted by potential industrial action in Spain.

The airline's main pilots union in Spain will vote in the coming days on possible industrial action, including going on strike, in response to planned job cuts at the low cost carrier, the local SEPLA trade union said.

The airline blamed delays in deliveries of Boeing's grounded 737 MAX jet that forced it to halve growth plans for next year. SEPLA said Ryanair has threatened to fire 100 pilots in Spain as part of those plans.

SEPLA said in a statement late on Thursday: "Our group is nervous and fed up with the continued abuse by Ryanair. We are going to show them that we are willing to do everything possible to avoid these unnecessary dismissals."

In response, a spokeswoman for Ryanair reiterated that consultations are taking place with staff at bases that will be affected by the planned winter closures.

Analysts at Goodbody Stockbrokers said that investor concern of an increasingly coordinated union response across Europe will be heightened by the possible action in Spain.

Brits have faced a series of strikes across the country with London Heathrow and London Gatwick heavily affected.

Staff at Heathrow could still walk out at the end of August if the pay dispute is not solved.

Gatwick Airport called off their strike this week at the last minute.

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