This secret stash for your travel money could save you if you have an emergency on holiday

But there’s a sneaky place you can hide some emergency cash on your hols – inside a tube of lip balm.

If you’re the victim of a theft while on holiday the last place that a thief will think to look is inside a Chapstick – so it’s the perfect place to stash a high-value note for an emergency.

A video from Smarter Travel shows how to get the balm out of the pot and insert the cash.

First you wind the lip balm completely up so that you can remove the contents.

You could always put this into another small, empty pot if you don't want to waste it.

You then use a small stick to the remove any remnant of leftover lip balm.

Once this is done, simply fold and roll your banknote so that it will fit into the space where the lip balm was.

You can then wind the lip balm up, as you would if you were going to put some on – but it will be money that pops out.

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