The secret way to save money if you’re booking flights in groups

Many airlines offer special deals when two people book together – and these deals can also apply if you’re in a group of four, six or eight.

Gilbert Ott from God Save The Points reveals that if you’re booking for two – or four – you should search in pairs to find hidden fares.

He wrote: “Airlines don’t want to make the very best flight deals too easy, so they often hide them in plain sight.

“Though it inevitably requires a travel companion, searching for two people instead of one can make all the difference.

“If you search Google Flights or most airline websites for one person at a time, you may completely miss out on the special fares, only bookable for two passengers together.”

One recent example that Gilbert gives is of a sale on first class tickets on Swiss Air, where you could buy two tickets for less than the cost of one.

So if you’re booking a holiday with a friend it might be cheaper to book your flights in one booking than doing it separately.

Gilbert has previously spoken to Sun Online Travel about plenty of brilliant hacks – including how to get five star holidays to Prague, Marbella and more on the cheap.

He told us that British Airways offer brilliant deals no package holidays, including flights and top-class hotels.

He said: “British Airways offer some obscenely cheap deals on five-star holidays – flights included.

“Their European city breaks deals are unbelievable, especially to Amsterdam, Brussels and south Italy.

“It’s worth checking their search engine as you can select five-star hotels only and then the region you want to go to and have a play around to see what comes up.

He continued: “You could get a weekend in Dubai at a top hotel for the same price you’d spend on a flight alone.

“I’ve seen deals to Dubai for £300 including flights and hotels and these are seriously high-end places.”

Sun Online Travel previously revealed why an airline changing your flight time means you can force them to give you a more expensive trip out of it.

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