'Selfish' Brit slammed for faking broken foot to skip airport queue – as trick leaves REAL disabled people waiting | The Sun

A HOLIDAYMAKER has divided opinion after she bragged about skipping long airport queues – by pretending she had a broken foot.

Charlotte Rees, 32, was travelling to Majorca with her fiance Paul Brown at Manchester Airport.

To avoid the airport queues, she wore a protective boot so she wouldn't have to stand in the long lines, and then dumped it in the toilets.

Charlotte said: “I just couldn’t stand the thought of having to stand in the queues. I was very surprised it worked.”

She added: “I did feel bad for the other people waiting. But if they thought smart they could have jumped the queue too.

“I just thought of many different ways I could have jumped the queue, choose the boot idea in the hope it pulled off and it did.”

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She posted a video of how she did it on TikTok, saying: "How to get through airport security in five minutes from start to finish. When there is a three-hour queue."

The 20-second video shows her posing with husband-to-be Paul, 33, in the car park with the medical boot on her right foot.

She documented them going through security, then revealed how they got ‘priority assistance’ because she lied about her injury.

The couple quickly got themselves to the departure lounge and she then took the boot off and left it by a bin in the ladies loos.

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Charlotte then filmed herself walking unaided in her white flip-flops as she headed on holiday to celebrate her birthday.

The pair then gave a thumbs up as they sat down for a meal before getting on their flight to Palma.

But fellow holidaymakers blasted her for the con branding it “disgusting”.

Aimee O’Connor fumed: “Damn right disgusting.”

Another said: "Do you think it’s fair that people who are disabled have to live with a condition day in and day out?

“Whilst you just get to pick and choose when to abuse this facility when you have no genuine reason.”

A third echoed this and said: “And block it up for people who actually need it, how selfish.”

A Manchester Airport spokesperson told Sun Online Travel: "We work hard with our assisted travel provider, ABM, to ensure air travel is accessible to all and that all passengers have a smooth journey through Manchester Airport.

"Anything that undermines our ability to provide the best possible experience to those with the need for assistance is totally unacceptable and cannot be condoned."

All passengers with disabilities can skip queues at security. They can also use fast track lanes and access help to get through customs and baggage – for a fee.

And it's not just Manchester Airport- bosses at Birmingham Airport say there's been a 20 per cent rise in people asking for assistance.

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An industry boss said: "There should be a special place reserved in hell for people who pretend to be disabled."

Traveller Wolf Jenkins filmed himself skipping more than two hours worth of queues at Milas-Bodrum Airport in Turkey by pretending he had sprained his ankle.

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