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IF you are looking for a way to take more on holiday without paying for luggage, there is a sneaky way to do it – and it's flight attendant approved.

Miguel Muñoz has been a flight attendant in the UK for more than a decade.

He told the Express how a laptop bag lets you take more onto flights – and doesn't get checked.

He said: "The laptop case never gets weighed and you can always place some of your belongings there.

"I've done this many times. Simply wrap some of your clothes around the laptop or place other heavier stuff into the computer bag."

"This is not only a great way to carry more but also very useful to avoid baggage fees for overweight luggage."

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He added it is even great if you put some spare clothes in if you are checking in a suitcase and it ends up getting lost.

A laptop sleeve can be found for as little as £5.77 on Amazon.

And people on Reddit agreed, revealing some of the items they put in the bag on the forum OneBag.

One person said: "I use it for items that can be folded flat, for example, cotton tote, backpack rain cover, jeans/pants."

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Another wrote: "I like to buy postcards/patches and I keep scraps of paper/tickets and whatnot for scrapbooking and so I keep these in a small plastic wallet in my laptop sleeve.

"I also carry a kindle and powerbank so I put those in there, even their chargers sometimes just for easy access."

A third said: "Microfiber towel.

"Some people say it's a waste of space, but it stays folded there neatly whenever I need it and it's come in clutch so many times that it's worth it for me."

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