The digital detox UK holiday where guests have phones locked away

If you find that your time on holiday is filled with endless scrolling on Instagram (and TikTok, and Twitter, and Facebook – before starting the cycle all over again), this digital detox retreat might be the answer to your problems. 

Luna is the new site from Unplugged, a company which specialises in off grid cabin escapes for people overwhelmed with city life and the constant ‘ping’ of their smartphones.

Located between Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham, Luna gives guests the opportunity to improve problems associated with high screen time, such as brain fog, poor sleep quality, anxiety and unproductivity. 

On arrival, guests will be asked to lock their digital devices, including mobile phones, in a lockbox for three days.

These are swapped for an old school Nokia mobile brick phone (snake included), a physical map to explore the scenic surroundings and an instant camera with film. 

No wifi is available, but the cabin is well stocked with books, board games and a functioning kitchen, as well as being surrounded by incredible countryside to roam. All escapes at Luna are for three nights, which Unplugged says is ‘the optimum time for a digital detox.’

The cabin is fitted with panoramic windows around the bed, allowing guests to wake naturally and swap ‘blue light’ for ‘starlight’. 

There’s also a hot rainfall shower, log burner, outdoor fire pit and eco composting toilet – and if you’re really desperate for a bit of ‘normal’ life, there’s a pub in the nearby village you can hike out to for a pint or two.

Dogs are also welcome and in fact, all Unplugged cabins around the UK are named after dogs that have visited. We know, adorable.

Cheshire-based Luna is the 11th cabin to join Unplugged’s portfolio of escapes, with the rest being situated in locations one to two hours outside of London for city-slickers needing a break from the hustle and bustle of the capital. 

Unplugged 3-day Digital Detox stays start from £390 per cabin. All bookings can be made through

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