The five things you should never wear to the airport – as you could miss your flight | The Sun

CHOOSING what to wear to the airport can be a tricky task, when wanting either comfort or style.

But experts have revealed some of the things you should never wear, or you risk missing your flight.

Here are five things to leave at home or make sure to pack in your suitcase.

1. Trainers

Trainers may be the obvious footwear of choice at the airport, but they can massively slow you down at security.

Founder of Sole Bliss Lisa Kay said: "Trainers are certainly comfortable and offer an easy, street-style look. However, they can actually become a bit of a hindrance when you’re moving through airport security.

"Taking them on and off means un-tying the laces and then re-tying them back up again, which can make you feel a bit rushed and flustered as you gather your things."

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If you do want to wear trainers, opt for slip-on versions to avoid this instead.

2. Cargo trousers

Cargo trousers are making a comeback, and are perfect for being comfortable a the airport.

However, they can cause problems at airport security due to them having so many pockets.

Travel expert Cheryl Nelson warns: "These items make it easy to forget about something in your pocket that could flag security, such as keys, a money clip, or a small bottle of water."

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3. Large jewellery

Wearing your favourite earrings and necklace is a big no-no as it will most likely get you stopped by airport security agents.

If you decide to take it off, it can also be easily lost or broken if it is delicate.

Nelson said: "I've witnessed someone removing a large pearl necklace that got snagged on her clothes and broke, sending pearls bouncing all over the floor."

If you want to take it on holiday, here is a hack to avoid them getting tangled in your suitcase

4. Flip flops

Wearing flip flops can be tempting as they are easy to slip on and off.

However, if you end up running late for your flight, you will face problems when dashing through the airport in them while lugging a suitcase.

If you really want to wear them, make sure you have socks for airport security.

Experts have also warned that walking barefoot through the airport security area could lead to a nasty skin infection.

Rami Calis, DPM, a podiatry instructor at Atlanta's Emory University, told WebMD: "The floor is often dirty where all those people walk through security. And it doesn't get any sun."

5. Belts

If your trousers require a belt, you may want to rethink wearing them at the airport.

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All travellers have to take off their belts at security, which can slow you down and cause more problems at the end.

Nelson said: "You will almost always be asked to take it off, and trying to take off a belt while juggling your luggage, shoes, or kids only makes things more difficult."

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