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PLANES are extremely complicated machines – but pretty much every single bit of each aircraft is designed to keep passengers safe in one way or another.

Though some parts of a plane may at first look insignificant, they still play a big role in ensuring your journey goes smoothly and without any problems.

Here, we've taken a look at some of the less well-known parts of aircraft and explain how they help make flying the safest way to travel.

Tiny holes in the windows

You may not have spotted them, but plane windows have tiny holes in them.

That might sound terrifying, but don't worry, they're supposed to be there.

Although tiny, the holes play in a big part in helping the aircraft to withstand the changing air pressure outside.

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The small gap helps to regulate the high pressure environment on the plane, making the experience far more comfortable for passengers.

Tray table latches that only open one way

One neat safety feature on planes is a tray table latch that only opens one way.

It may seem like a little thing, but in an evacuation, it could save lives.

Swiss Airlines revealed the clever secret on their TikTok account.

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The small holes in the window are needed to keep the cabin pressureCredit: Getty
These yellow hooks on the wings are important in an evacuationCredit: Getty

In a video, the airline showed a tray table in a normal row of seats, where the latch can be moved clockwise and anticlockwise.

In an exit row, this isn't the case, as it only goes one way. They revealed why this was in the comments.

They explained: "The more you know! In the emergency exit row, the opening of the tray table is only possible in one direction, compared to all other seat rows.

"Like this in the unlikely event of an emergency, an unintended opening of the tray table (due to people rushing by) is avoided."

Wing Hooks

Many people might not have noticed, but the wings have quite a bit more going on than you'd first imagine.

Included in that are the wing hooks – tiny yellow holes along the wings, which are another great safety feature.

They're used to help flight attendants during evacuations over the wings and are needed to secure and tether life rafts to the plane.

Passengers will walk across the wing using ropes attached to the hooks in emergencies.

Speed tape

One safety feature that regularly freaks out passengers is speed tape – which looks a lot less safe than it actually is.

If you're getting on board your plane and it looks like it's covered in duct tape, don't worry about it.

The aircraft isn't falling apart, it's just sustained some superficial damage, like peeling paint, that will have no real technical problems for the plane.

One person pointed out on Tiktok: "Stopping corrosion with a piece of tape is cheaper than repainting it wholly. Wings and body flex and break/chip the paint".

Black Triangles

Ever noticed tiny black triangles on the walls of their cabin?

They aren't graffiti – they show the position of where it best to see the wings.

This is so crew can check if the flaps and slats are in the right place from the correct window.

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