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AN EXOTIC island with unique coloured sand and clear blue seas can be easily reached from the UK.

The rising cost of flights has got British holidaymakers looking closer to home for their vacations this year.

However, they don't need to go far to find places that look like they're in much more tropical locations than they actually are.

One such place is the island of Groix, just off the north west coast of France, as part of Brittany.

The island has beaches with sands ranging in colour from white to dark red via shades of pink and garnet, all with inviting turquoise seas.

Groix is less than five miles long and two miles wide, but still has a lot to offer holidaymakers looking to spend their time somewhere unique.

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Brittany Tourism claims that the island has beaches and coves that "compete in beauty".

Grands-Sables has fine white sand while Sables-Rouges beach is "coloured by garnet".

There is also Poulziorec, described as "a calm lagoon at the bottom of a steep path" that Brittany Tourism say is "paradise".

Temperatures remain consistently warm on the island during the summer months, with average temperatures no lower than 15C and average highs around the mid twenties.

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Its waters aren't just inhabited by holidaymakers and locals looking to cool off either, with dolphins sometimes spotted swimming close to the shore.

Blogger Algaem was lucky enough to have a small pod swim alongside his boat while on a tour around the island.

He wrote: "This summer, during my coastal explorations with friends, I had the opportunity to take a marine wildlife discovery cruise off Groix island.

"That day we were lucky, many dolphins approached the boat and came to swim and play around us. 

"Then they didn’t want to leave us anymore, they accompanied us on a part of the return, swimming near the bow of the boat."

Away from the beaches, there's plenty to do inland, including hiking and cycling trails throughout the island's hilly terrain, offering stunning views out across the sea.

Meanwhile, the Locmaria port has winding narrow streets with quaint houses and fountains.

Accommodation on the island is very affordable, with rooms available from £33 per night, based on a two person stay.

Getting there is fairly simple too, with ferries leaving from the UK to Brittany.

Holidaymakers can travel from Portsmouth to St Malo, where they can then drive on to Lorient to get the ferry to Groix.

They could also get the ferry from Plymouth to Roscoff, which is then a drive away from Lorient.

Both routes can be booked with Brittany Ferries.

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