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NEXT time you are going on holiday, there is an item you should always pack, according to experts, which will transform your break.

Even better, you probably already have one in your house.

Travel experts have explained why you should always take an old unlocked phone on holiday in case of an emerency.

Traveller Lisa Garcia, who runs the website Practical Wanderlust, said: "I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been traveling and our phone has gotten damaged – or worse, stolen.

"It’s happened so often that we’ve long been in the habit of stuffing our old, unlocked phones in the bottom of our bags, just in case."

Her partner, who was a teacher, said they also came in handy on a school trip to Columbia with 16 students.

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They said: "We brought a total of FOUR back-up phones between the two [of] us.

"And they ALL got used – two by chaperones who couldn’t unlock their phones to use them with a SIM card abroad, and two by students whose phones were either broken or stolen."

However, she said she also made sure to use Cloud storage as well, in case your phone is lost or stolen so you don't lose your photos or important documents.

Another tourist was recently left devastated after having their phone stolen on holiday.

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Patrick Biller was on holiday in Spain when his bag was stolen – and had £25,000 of stuff in it including his phone, passport and photography equipment.

According to Citizen's Advice, you should always contact your network provider if your phone is lost or stolen so they can block it.

You should also report it to the police, and make sure your travel insurance covers you.

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