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SOME people loved to return to the same holiday destination year after year, while others can't think of anything worse.

A psychologist has now revealed there's a reason behind the desire for habitual holidays.

According to Chartered clinical psychologist Dr Kate Mason, from the Roots Psychology Group, there are several reasons that motivate families to go on repeat holidays.

Dr Kate Mason told Sun Online Travel: "As human beings we like the novelty of being somewhere new and we like to go on holiday.

"Holidays are often new and exciting, and they takes us away from our mundane home life styles, but we're also creatures of habit and we like the familiar.

"I think it goes back to when we are kids and go back to a place of familiarity."

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"Going to the same place again gives us a complete chance to rest because we know where everything is and we can instantly relax.

"I've taken my kids on a different holiday and felt a bit stressed about organising everything in our new home-from-home.

Dr Mason explained that heading to a new holiday destination can leave parents feeling overwhelmed when they're trying to establish a routine for the week.

She added: "Parents want to know that their kids are enjoying themselves and where everything is located."

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Being familiar with a location, whether that's in the UK or abroad, is just one reason families return to the same location.

Dr Mason also explained how feeling safe and comfortable in a place draws holidaymakers back to the same destination.

As a child, she often went on holiday to the same place in France with her family.

She explained that going on those repeat holidays gave the children freedom to go off and explore and return at mealtimes.

This is because her family knew the area, which meant they felt safe in the area.

And it's not just Dr Mason who believes that familiar settings drive holidaymakers to go on the same trip.

A study from Norwegian Cruise Line found that 73 per cent of 2,000 adults have returned to the same hotel abroad more than once, averaging more than four return trips.

More than half (55 per cent) of those who have holidayed at the same resort don’t see any reason to change their routine, while more than a quarter like to see the familiar faces they know.

Despite many people repeating holidays, one mum was called boring after she revealed that she has been going on the same holiday for five years in a row.

She asked on Mumsnet if she was in the wrong after her husband wanted to go somewhere different on holiday.

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