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A MONEY expert has revealed a clever trick that could save you money when booking flights with Ryanair.

With the cost of flights on the up, people are looking to shave whatever they can from their holiday costs.

And there's a few tricks that they can use when buying flights online that might do just that.

One such trick is to check if booking the return flight separately is cheaper than buying both flights together as a package with Ryanair.

This was revealed by consumer champions Money Saving Expert, as part of a series of Ryanair hacks they published last year.

They explain that it's not a guarantee of cheaper fares, but it works often enough that it's always a good idea to try it.

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They wrote: "You may be able to shave a little extra off the cost of return flights with this nifty trick.

"All you need to do is complete your booking in separate transactions. It doesn't always work, but it's worth checking.

"Search for your outbound flight as a one-way ticket, then, in a separate tab or window of your browser, search for the return leg of your flight as a one-way ticket."

They explain that by doing this, the cost of the return flight will be shown in the currency of the country that flight departs from.

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Sometimes that will be cheaper than the cost in sterling – you just need to check on an online currency converter and weigh up whether the two single routes are cheaper than the cost of a return flight.

MSE warn that when doing this, holidaymakers will be asked to accept Ryanair's 'guaranteed exchange rate'. 

Instead of doing this, you should click on 'more information' to opt out and use your bank's exchange rate instead, which is likely to offer a bigger saving.

Another way to save money on flights online is to be flexible with your destination.

 TikTok user Sam, who is known as sam_jarman on the social media platform, revealed a very simple method he uses for finding the cheapest flights on Google flights.

In a video he said: "Open up a browser, type in 'Google Flights' and then click the first link.

"Now select 'round trip' and where you're flying from, but do not put in a destination."

Instead, you click on the map on the right of the page and it will show you all the flights from your local airport, including their prices, so you can choose the cheapest one.

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